An inclusive recruitment philosophy is a winning Diversity and Inclusion Formula. Build female leadership capacity to drive change and position your organisation for growth, resulting in greater futures. Develop a talent strategy that compliments and delivers on your corporate strategy.  An evidence based and structured approach to inclusive leadership and talent management.

Executive Search & Selection


Global Reach

Our Executive Search services are unique in that we spend time with our clients to understand the goals of the organisation, the current staff structure, the operating environment and KPI targets. Our thorough global search capability ensures effective selection of candidates who are willing to embody your company values and fulfill the job criteria aptly. Together we identify opportunities for positive change and enhancement based on the current infrastructure, managerial capability and employee experience.

A Strategic Executive Search Capability

Placing the right people in the right positions to cultivate talent within your organisation
Bureau will provide you with an effective employee selection process so that your business can respond to challenges. Such challenges include preparing for the emerging talent crisis, cultivating the skill sets of your current workforce and retaining highly talented employees. We use the most technologically advanced system to measure individual talent potential and predicting job performance. We formulate a unique criterion to ensure synchronisation between your needs and the end candidate. By establishing 'JobFit' we can match the critical success attributes of proven top performers. Employees who are well matched to their position have higher attendance records, less turnover, higher job satisfaction and superior job performance.

Recruitment Of The Right People In The Right Roles At the Right Time

We thoroughly identify and develop the specific objectives and measures of success to be achieved within an agreed timeframe. These measurable objectives allow us to leverage our expertise and commitment with your resources. We invest time to engage with the interview panel members to understand their particular issues and needs. Clients and senior executive candidates have recognised our successful structured approach. We have gained a reputation for being transparent and responsive with a genuine desire to act in the best interest of all parties.